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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 14, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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confirmation hearings for sonia sotomayor. the questions begin. i will have the story coming up. willie ravens -- will the ravens take the field with derrick mason? and maryland has become the land a pleasant living with the weather lately. we will give you more of the forecast coming up. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute good morning. >> thank you for joining us for a 11 news today. we want to check on traffic and weather to get there. tell me about the weather first. >> it has been wonderful. it is going to be a little cooler than yesterday. yesterday it was 87 degrees. we are very dry in the presence
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of this nice high pressure today. if you look at the satellite, we do not see many clouds out there. it is really clear. mostly sunny today. 83 degrees-86 degrees. the stars will be twinkling. cooler than normal overnight at around it is 6 degrees. -- 56 degrees. it will be hotter tomorrow. we will tell you more about that coming up. there is good news regarding the water main break situation. when we're dealing with that in rose the for the past few days. it is gone now. everything is wrapped up. we are getting some closures regarding our escape. -- art skate. -- scape.
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everything else is looking good this hour. 11 minutes on the outer loop. the same thing on the west side. i am out of breath because of rampant this said. i guess i need to exercise a little bit more. it is looking good at white marsh. no delays on the terrace park expressway. that is the latest. >> thank you. while you were sleeping, southwest airline crews spent the night inspecting nearly 200 airplanes as one was headed to b.w.i. from national and add to make an emergency landing in west virginia. >> a hole opened up in the plane causing it to lose cabin pressure. our reporter is like a b.w.i.. she has this amazing story. but morning. if you do not like very
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often, he may not tend to listen to the plight a tenant as they give you instructions. -- flight attendants as they give you instructions. last night, those instructions came in handy during a flight last night from nashville. a hole could be seen from outside of the plane. it was discovered during the flight. passengers reported hearing a loud pop and then sing a skylight. the cabin lost pressure and they had to put on their air maks. -- masks. >> it set the ceiling out. there was a skylight for everyone. >> one person we talked to last night said, i did exactly what they told me. i put the mask on myself first and then all my child.
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everyone seemed caught -- seemed calm. there is no cause for the damage on the plane yet. every airplane is being inspected. flight service should not be affected today. we will have more on this story coming up tonight at 5. wbal tv 11 news. police want to know who shot and killed a woman overnight and why. she was found shot in the head just before 3:00 a.m.. she was taken to the medical center wwhere she was pronounced dead. they are still looking for a suspect who killed someone yesterday afternoon. they are acting on a tip. they looked at a home where the suspect was reportedly staying.
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>> we thought that we had a gun man who just murdered someone running into a house. we secured the crime scene. we rendered it say. -- a safe. >> they do not think this is a random act. another shooting in northeast baltimore last night as well. it was around old york road. they found a man shot several times. no word on his condition this morning. they are investigating it. a confrontation with the police led to gunfire. one person left the medical center without being discharged. when they got to the home, the has been confronted the police which cost them to use a taser,
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pepper spray, and eventually having to shoot their weapons. >> an officer was on the floor beneath him. he was about to strike the officer. the other officer who was there, fearing for the officers' safety, thought that he was in imminent danger, shot his gun and injured a the person. >> he was taken to the hospital for gunshot wounds. he was cited with resisting arrest. family members of an elderly woman saying the circumstances of what her body was found in a freezer was not strange. the grandson said is a grandmother died of natural causes. his caretakers toward the body in a freezer instead of reporting it.
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>> she would have never holiday here on my grandmother's hand. i do not want people looking at the situation as far as my aunt being a horrible person. she is not. we do not know how to handle a situation until we are in it. >> the medical examiners are trying to determine the cause for debt. -- death. right now the debt is being rolled as suspicious. -- death is being ruled suspicious . supreme court nominee sonia sotomayor returned to capitol hill today for the second day of her confirmation hearing. she would be the first latino woman on the high court if she is selected. 11 news reporter is here with
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more. >> high passion was on display outside of the building where the hearing is taken place. -- taking place. she summed up her bottom line. >> fidelity to the law. >> senators praised her patients through opening statements. >> i give the judge and a for listening to that. >> they anticipated today's back and forth. >> the interaction with senators which starts tomorrow will be an important part of the process. >> they will talk about hot button issues such as same-sex marriage and racial justice. her comment that a wise latina would reach a better judgment than a white male is bringing some criticism. >> collett sympathy or prejudice, but whatever it is -- call it sympathy or prejudice, but whatever it is, it is not
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justice. >> sonia sotomayor says her background helps her grasp a case, not the side it. >> my professional experiences help me to listen and understand with pilau always commanding -- with the law always commending the result in every case. >> she has had a brilliant judicial career. >> one person offers this prediction. >> unless you get -- have a complete meltdown, you will get confirmed. i do not think you will. >> the officer will remove this person. >> anti-abortion advocates interrupted the hearings. each of the members has happened hour to question the judge. her goal is to avoid anything that could derail her confirmation.
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nbc news. a lawyer says a board should resign to settle racial discrimination charges against them. they will make a determination against eight swim club after blacks and latinos were kept from participating in activities there after they paid their dues. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. should the board of pennsylvania's valley swim club resign? e-mail your response to us by going to our web site at derrick mason appears to be ready to retire. he led the team with 18 receptions -- 80 receptions. he announced that he is calling an end to his career.
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his decision may not be final since it is coming after the death of his close friend steve mcnair. >> if i do change my mind, it will not be because of the ravens. it will be because of other things such as my family and talking with other people. >> he nor his agent had filed the appropriate paperwork to retire. yesterday, he worked out at the camp. that was confusing. it is 63 degrees on tv hill. we have the bloomberg business report coming up for you. space shuttle endeavor has been sitting there for several days now. we will tell you what is going to take to send it into space and when. could you be seen a change to the alert system bac?
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we will tell you about that sen. we will tell you about that sen. i hav
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no. no. no. it just says it has 110 calories per serving. yeah, but there are other reasons why i like it. i know. i know. it's the box. what else does the box say? box says, "shut up, steve." multigrain cheerios cereal. because it tastes good. try new banana nut cheerios, with the great taste of real banana. a good morning to you. we are looking at some nice temperatures today. it is in the upper 60's downtown. was the sunny skies. a dry air mass is in place. there is high pressure built in from the west. it will continue to dominate things at least through today. in the middle of the country, there is potential for severe
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storms. extreme heat in the middle of the country. we are really quite compared to what is going on there. 47 degrees in pennsylvania. nice clear skies. looks like 64 degrees in salisbury. we have a very dry air mass in place. the temperature will be about 84 degrees for the city of baltimore. it will be more of a dry heat. we will have mostly sunny skies throughout the city. on the bay, waves will be 1 foot. water temperatures are in the upper 70's. the 101 degree record was in
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1954. clear skies and sunny skies with high pressure in control. the hot and humid air is in the deep south. we will see more of a warm front tomorrow. 87 degrees tomorrow and more humid by thursday. there may be some morning storms on thursday. back to the low 80's on saturday and sunday. let us get you up-to-date on a few issues out there. the off ramp has some degree here. we are looking at a nice start as far as volume. it is pretty light. no sign of delays at white marsh. that is the latest the traffic pulse 11.
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back over to you. >> thank you. they are hoping to get the space shuttle endeavor off of the ground. they stopped the launch a few minutes before liftoff. they will try again tomorrow. there was a head-on collision with a tractor-trailer on one road. they are investigating the cause of the crash. the bus was overturned and caught fire. there are some people with injuries. they are in critical condition. the threat of levels which are color-coded has been criticized as confusing and bake. the obama administration will take a look at this. in the consumer alert, some
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are walking away from their homes even though they can still afford them. a steady from northwestern university and the university of chicago are seeing this as a strategic. homeowners have the money to make the payment but are choosing to walk away because they owe more than what their home is worth. investors are getting mixed messages from the retail industry. michelle still has that story and more on the bloomberg business report. retail sales were rising in the u.s. last month. that is according to an economist. but spending will decline by 7% because of rising unemployment
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and lower consumer confidence. a spokesperson told us that one firm is in active discussions with federal regulators about another rescue. we saw an upgrade of goldman sachs sparking a broad rally on wall street. your bloomberg maryland index is rising. the bank ballet did not help capital stores. the loan provider -- it plans a public offering of more than 17 million shares of its common stock. that is business news this morning. wbal tv 11 news.
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when it comes to women and concert, chances are prostate cancer does not come to mind. when play an important role in getting early treatment for their spouse or partner. women are often key into getting men into the office of doctors for testing. >> if he comes to the doctor alone, he may not stay. but having someone else there with him may make him feel more comfortable. >> if you can find out more about prostate cancer by visiting our web site visiting is 6:20. tim tooten travels to new york for the naacp where they celebrated a major milestone. we will have more on their
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century of service. to not forget to e-mail your answer to the water cooler question of the day. should the board of pennsylvania's valley swim club resign? e-mail u
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the morning. let us check on your morning rush. it is a good one so far. not very many delays. there is a traffic delay at warren roared. -- road.
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there are some road closures in advance for the event this weekend. here is a live view of traffic on pulaski highway. back over to you. thank you. nothing happening on the doppler over the mid-atlantic. we did not get any showers or storms yesterday. we are looking at a dry air mass in control. the high pressure is now to our west. it will continue to build in today. 83 degrees-86 degrees. the sun is setting tonight at 8:33. we will see a clear sky conditions. about 56 degrees tonight. more about sunday coming up later. the nation's largest civil rights organization is celebrating 100 years of
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service. >> the naacp returned to new york where it was founded for its annual convention. tim tooten explains it is quite an event for members were the oldest coming together with the new. >> naacp leaders say even though they are celebrating 100 years of history, they are doing anything but a living in the past. they are having record turnouts which is increasing membership. the group says one thing that has not changed is its at four and -- fight for equality. >> we dream big dreams. we always win in the end. >> the naacp is based in baltimore. it is the organization of third marshall -- thurgood marshall.
6:26 am
>> the naacp has not given up on the american dream for the american possibilities. we ask the american people not to give up also. >> the group says its aim is to deliver a message that would cray's bid across racial and generational lines. >> -- that would cross racial and generational lines. one person has served as 16 years as the president. >> the deal house cannot walk us out. -- jail house cannot lock us out. the mob cannot throw us out. let us stop fighting with one another and start working with one another. >> the group will welcome president barack obama later
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this week. he is a symbol of the progress of the civil rights movement. reporting live in new york city, tim tooten, wbal tv 11 news. there is much more to come in the next half hour. >> it is not what you want to see what you are flying in an airplane. it is a skylight. that is exactly what some passengers saw on a southwest flight from nashville to baltimore. we will have that story next. sunny skies. it sounds pretty good. you will like the forecast. stay tuned for all the details. a few issues to contend with in traffic. we will give you an update on what is happening, next. a hungry squirrel learns a lesson in physics the hard way. here is a look at the winning lottery numbers from
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last night.
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good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> it is so incredible how the weather influences your mood. let us take a look at things this morning. we have another dry air mass in place. let us take a look at temperatures. 47 degrees in pennsylvania. the forecast for today is around 86 degrees. the winds will be light and out of the northwest at 5-10 miles per hour. i have more on your seven day forecast coming up towards the end of the newscast. southwest airlines is examining hundreds of its planes after they found a hole in one plane during a flight to baltimore. >> our reporter joins us live
6:31 am
from b.w.i. with more on this story appeared quick passengers were very calm during the emergency landing. they credit the pilots and the crew for giving good instructions and providing them with a safe outcome. passengers who were on the flight made it home. the flight from asheville to b.w.i. had to make an emergency -- from ashevillnashville, = tod to make an emergency landing in west virginia. >> we heard a loud pop. the inside was trying to pull out. >> we started to feel light- headed. my ears started stopping up. we tried to put on our masks.
6:32 am
we saw a skylight shining through the plane. >> they took pictures of themselves and the plane. insiders are looking at the damage. all of the 737's are being inspected. the passengers we spoke with had nothing but praise for the pilot and the crew. >> when we got to the airport in west virginia, everybody cheered the captain. some people gave him hugs. >> i think we need to value them far more than what we do. it is very easy to take things for granted. >> no one was injured. there is no word on what caused the damage. there were about 200 airplanes that are 737's at southwest airlines. we are told the planes should
6:33 am
take up with no problems today. the murder trial of members of a suspected cult will not take place today. they are charged with starting a one-year-old boy today. they still do not have lawyers. prosecutors say they denied this boy food because he could not say "amen." a sulfuric acid leak closed down the courthouse yesterday. nine people were treated at the scene. it was from a forklift. it is being ventilated and will open today. because of your electric
6:34 am
bill may be brought down. >> bge has some new smart meters which is part of a national plan to work with a smart bridgett. >> it is part of a two-way digital communications network that will enable us to record energy usage on an hourly basis and the bride is to provide customers with more information about the cost of energy they are using. >> officials say it will help the customer say how much gas and electricity they use and when. it will help them reduce energy usage during peak hours. >> even a small improvement of 1% would translate into tens of millions of dollars saved annually in energy costs. >> our concern is that they want
6:35 am
to face in these smart meters on an accelerated timetable. >> we need to upgrade the grid, but she is concerned about the price tag. customers would be charged 38 cents per month. it would raise to $1.24 for electric and a $52 since per gas per month. -- $1.52 for gas per month. >> they will be paying for the cost of the new leader. >> bge said as the means will make up for their extremes pri >> we are achieving -- for their extremes. >> we are achieving savings overall. >>wbal tv 11 nes. -- news.
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volume is picking up on the west side coming out of the white marsh area. art sca [e -- art scape is causing some roads to be shut down and in anticipation -- anticipation of the event this weekend. 11 minutes on the northeast side and about 12 minutes on the west side. here is the west side. a live view -- looking good approaching the bay bridge at this hour. back over to you. we will see mostly sunny skies today. 83 degrees-86 degrees is the temperature range. the sun came up at 5:52 this morning.
6:37 am
by not going to have to contend with the humidity today. it will be warmer tomorrow at 87 degrees. it will be warmer on thursday at 89 degrees. there is a chance of showers thursday morning. there will not be a lot of rain on friday. we will have a nice weekend in store for us. the time now is 6:37. >> he is not a king, but he wants to live like one. we will explain. im nikole killion in washington, it is the second day for sonia sotomayor. what is in store for her at the confirmation hearing todpa
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is south carolina's coral learns the hard way -- sw quirrell was a hard lesson. be the photographer put the down the camera and freed him. 83 year-old canadian boy is lucky after his toy truck took in eight small trip down the river. -- a three year-old canadian boy iis lucky after his tour chuck
6:41 am
took in eight mile trip down the river. >> when we got closer, it was an upside down at chevy. he never cried. when we got the light and check on him, we started warming him up. he was concerned about where his truck was. >> that freaks me out. the mom says her son is doing just fine. he is really happy now that he has his trek back they say a man's home is his castle. but that is a phrase that one person is taking literally. for the last 41 years, he has been building his dream castle
6:42 am
in the woods. and he got the land when he was 15 years old. he planned to build a stone cabin. it as a bridge, chimney towers, stained glass windows. he helps his children and grandchildren will continue to work on the castle or give tours would he is finished. >> it is a work in progress. >> ok. the time is 6:41. we have an easy start so far as the major roadways. it is picking up. we will tell you about the latest. >> plenty of sun out there. no humidity. not for the normal level. we are looking at some nice northwest winds.
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harvard temperature is 68 degrees. we are going up to t
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babe... umm, i gotta go. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. yoplait, it is so good. welcome back to 11 news today. police want to know who shot a woman overnight and why. the woman was in her 20s. she was found shot in her head just before 3:00. she was taken to an area hospital where she was pronounced dead. no word on a suspect this morning. a routine check on a hospital patient in her home least a confrontation with police and the gunfire. officers were sent to the home of one woman who left a medical center without being discharged. when they got to the home, her husband confronted them. it turned into a heated exchange
6:46 am
causing them to use tasers, pepper spray, and gunfire. a lawyer says the swim club board should resign. there are discrimination charges against them. the club is in huntingdon, pa.. black and hispanic children were barred from participating in activities there. the children have been invited back. the parents say it is too late. >> that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. >> should the board of pennsylvania's valley swim club resign? >> 1% says absolutely. is the 21st century. i am tired about hearing of people who still live in the dark ages. >> one person says i do not think the board should step
6:47 am
down. i do not see anything wrong with protecting the atmosphere of the pool. >> you can put your answers on the front page of our web site at sonia sotomayor is going to her second day of confirmation hearings today. nikole killion has more on this. some have questions about her philosophy on the bench. the first day was opening statement. >> this hearing at the opportunity for americans to see it here just so my your for themselves. >> the second day was all about questions. >> in the past month, many senators have asked me about my
6:48 am
judicial philosophy. it is simple. fidelity to the law. >> summer for critics consider her a judicial activist. >> -- some of her critics consider her a judicial activist. >> she has expressed in her statement on more than one location -- and 1 >> her, doesn't talk about a lot. a look forward to talking to her about the comment. >> they want to talk to her about her decision making. >> she will be wondering decisions that affect the lives of people from this nation. >> some issues of concern do with gun rights, same-sex marriage, and abortion. >> we have reasons to question her. >> 8 senator will it happen hour to question sonia sotomayor. the question and answer is expected to last through tomorrow. wbal tv 11 news.
6:49 am
good morning. we will see what is going on out there on the roads. 37 miles per hour according to our speed sensor. mount for oil is still shut down. -- wilroyal is still shut down. its immense on the west side. -- 15 minutes of the west side. here is a live view. the bay bridge from the eastern shore is all clear. let's check in with sandra. >> and there is a dry air mass over the atlantic right now. a high pressure over the great
6:50 am
lakes. we have a nice day today. in the middle of the country, that is where all of the problem weather is. we will not have to deal with any of that. we will have a pleasant conditions again. 63 degrees downtown right now. 47 degrees in pennsylvania. 69 degrees down to our south. 71 degrees in ocean city. we should be in the mid 60's dewpoint-wise. not a lot of moisture in the environment. a four degrees is our forecast high for central maryland. 87 degrees is normal for july 14. a four degrees to south of maryland. -- 84 degrees south of maryland.
6:51 am
it is a great day to get out on the waters. the waves are one first. -- 1 foot. water temperatures are in the 70's. we were lower than normal less slide around 60 degrees and b.w.i.. it will remain dry for tonight. when some maintain the northwesterly club. -- winds are maintaining their it northwesterly flow. there is humid air in the deep south. what is going to happen
6:52 am
tomorrow? the high pressure will move offshore. it will be warmer at 87 degrees. the front will emerge from the great lakes. there is a 30% chance of morning showers and then very warm and 89 degrees on thursday. 86 degrees and nights on friday. thank you. time for a last look at our big story this morning. a hole in a southwest airplane costs a scare -- caused a scare and has put the whole fleet in inspection this morning. >> flight # 2294 had to make an emergency landing in charleston,
6:53 am
west virginia last night. it was traveling from nashville, tenn.. passengers reported hearing a loud pop and saw a skylight. the cabin lost pressure. the passengers had to put on their ooxygen masks. there is no word on what as costs that damage. no injuries occurred. 200 airplanes in the fleet are being inspected. flights are not expected to be affected today. wbal tv 11 news. dr. oz reveals the alderman checklist on aging on oprah today. you can add years to your life in minutes. find out what you can do to have a longer better life today at 4:00. here is a look at what is happening on today. >> good morning. a hole in the cabin of the
6:54 am
southwest airlines plane with 131 people on board. they have an emergency landing. we will talk to passengers who were sitting directly beneath the whole. a florida couple who was killed -- there is a new development in the case. they get a 16 children. andjon of jon -- jon of jon & kate plus 8 as a new girlf traffic is nice.
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there are some delays, but nothing major. we have some police activity at reservoir bridge. some roads are closed down four art scape. another nuys station baltimore. >> it used to it. we were complaining about how dreary it was. now it is incredible. it is hard to find cloud cover. 84 degrees today. 87 degrees tomorrow. thursday will be the hottest day of the week around 89 degrees. >> and you for joining us for 11 news today. >> have a good day.
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